Kat Knutsen Contemporary American Artist
PaintingTextile / Fiber ArtDesignSound Bits of Color I Hear

Katherine M. Knutsen
b.1984 in Austin, TX
Contemporary American Artist

Knutsen's work is a cross pollination between drawing, painting, and fiber art intermixed with installation. She mixes working with the portrait and patterns to create pieces ranging from traditional paintings to textile patterns for fashion and also conceptual art installations. She also works with mixing painting and animation. Knutsen was one of the 100 selected artists worldwide to work on the feature film 'Loving VIncent', which is set to premiere in theatres late fall 2016.

She developed a distinct way of combining the two mediums of oil painting and animation. Her work has informed and directly contributed to the growing curriculum of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in that multiple class curriculums were built specifically around this technique she developed demonstrated in the video below.

Leaf it Be by Kat Knutsen